Automatic tuck in slitter rewinder for cash register roll

Slitting rewinding machine to produce cash register rolls, multiplies rolls,
fax rolls, charts rolls, lottery tickets rolls. This automatic machine is recommended
for small, medium and big production capacity as the setting
for different width and diameter is very easy and fast. The automatic sequence
to descend top rider pressor roll, tuck-in of the paper over the
cores,start up motor, warning stripes mark activation, deceleration and
final stop does not require operator attention that during this part of the
cycle can discharge the finished rolls and prepare the new rewinding
shaft with cores for next cycle.
The automatic tucker givrs you 20% more in production than machine with manual tucker.
The number of the cycles in 8 hours is 720 for finished rolls 40 mt lenght including time to change mother rolls.
The winding system is by surface drums
and the tension control is very accurate controlled by a pneumatic disk
brake. The machine is equipped by inverter motor, electronic metre counter
to set length of warning stripes slow-down speed final stop, circular
slitting knives with spacers multisizes. The machine can be provided with
extra unwind stations to produce 2 and 3 copy rolls, flexographic station
for printing in line up to 2 colours with registration, accumulator for non-stop printing and accessories machines
to speed up production as automatic core loader, roll breaker and
flattening machines, shrink wrapping machine for packaging.
WORKING WIDTH: 800/1100 (multiplies)- 1350 (one ply)
UNWIND DIAMETER: 1000 (multiplies) – 1250 (one ply)
SPEED: 350 mt/min

Product made with the Model TRL-AT