Slittier rewinding machine fully automatic with robot for cash register rolls model "TRR"

Slitting rewinding machine fully automatic to produce cash register rolls, charts rolls, lottery tickets rolls. This automatic machine is recommended for big productions capacity as no operator work and assistance is involved; the machine cycle consisting in automatic cross cut, glue and closure of loose tails and tuck in over the cores; positioning and traslation of the rewinding shafts from core loader station up to ejection of rolls on a roll breaker and press machine is controlled by a robot sistem.
The productivity of this slitter rewinder is 1200 cycles in 8 hours with finished rolls 40 meter long and it is included the time required to replace the mother rolls.
The change of the setting of the cutting width takes about 25 minutes.
The winding system is by surface drums and the tension control is very accurate controlled by a pneumatic disk brake and loadcell with microprocessor.
The machine is equipped by inverter motor, electronic programmable microprocessor unit for cycling, meter counter to set length of warning stripes slow-down speed final stop, including number of cycle setting, cycle counter for shift, meter counter total for mill roll control.
The circular slitting knives with spacers multisizes provides shear clean cut with pneumatic ON/OFF movement of all the shaft.
The machine can be provided with flexographic station for printing in line up to 2 colours with registration.

WORKING WIDTH: 1100 - 1600
SPEED: 400 mt/min

Product made with the Model TRR