TAN - Macchine manuali e semiautomatiche per il taglio di tubi di cartone

TAN: Paper cores tube cutter machine

Manual and semiautomatic paper tube cutter

Semiautomatic tubes recutter Mod. TAN for big capacity production

This machine is able to cut a long tube bar in smaller pieces exactly and perfectly as the distance between knives is obtained using metal rings. The operator introduces the tubes long without limitation in length on the mandrel and pushes a foot-switch only. The machine automatically cuts the tubes in many pieces and eject the small tubes cutted. The speed is about 7/8 cycles/cut per minute depending by wall thickness and the operator; maximum number of cuts = 15 (accordingly with sizes).


– min. diameter of tube = 11 mm inside
– max. diameter of tube = 120 mm inside
– max. cut length 600 mm (no limitation if length of tube to be cut)
– n° 9 knives supplied fit on shaft and set of spacers
– motor to drive mandrel and knoves indipendently
– pneumatic automatic ejector
– one cutting mandrel and ejestor for tubes dimension as customer request
– VOLTAGE 400 V – 3 PHASES – 50 hz – or different on demand