TAN - Macchine manuali e semiautomatiche per il taglio di tubi di cartone

TM: Cardboard tube recutter

Cardboard tubes recutter multiplies cuts by pedal Mod. TM

This machine recuts tubes from a long bar inside diameter minimum 11 mm to max. 150 mm. diameter; is very suggested for small and medium capacity production. The length of cutting mandrel is 500 mm. using tubes without limitation in length. By pushing a mechanical foot pedal the rotary knives approaches to the tube and make the cut and then the operator eject the rings. The cut is very quick and when the operator release the pedal the machine automatically stops. The number of cuts depends by the thickness of the tube (maximum 10 mm) and in case of many standard cuts you can fit up to 5 knives so you can obtain more rings in one single cutting operation. The rings of tube is perfect in legth and very smooth (no dust).

The machine is supplied complete ready to work with:
– nr. 1 cutting mandrel diameter as customer request
– nr. 5 circular knives with locking nuts as standard
Electric supply 3 phase voltage 400/50 hz (or different as customer request)