TRMMP - Taglierine ribobinatrici per carta modello grande

Optional accessories

TTL - Macchine manuali, semiautomatiche per il taglio di tubi in cartone


Cardboard tube cutter Mod. TTL simple type with manual operation

TME - Macchine manuali, semiautomatiche per il taglio di tubi in cartone


Disconnect tube cutter for cardboard tubes

TRMMP: Slitter rewinder machine for paper and cardboard rolls reel to reel

Slitter rewinding machine for paper medium model

Slitters and rewinders with central drive rewind system model medium TRMMP

The rewind expanding shaft is driven by the main motor directly. This machine is able to cut paper and board for paper tubes cores, paper sacs and bags, filter paper, coated paper, etc. Circular knives standard or pneumatic. Is available in standard configuration with shafted unwind unit or in alternative shaftless.


Max unwind diam. roll: 1.250 (up to 1.500 on demand) Max rewind diam. roll: 1.390 min. rewind inside diam. core: mm 70 Working width: from 1.050 up to 1.650 mm
Variable speed drive by inverter motor – gear box – pneumatic brake air cooled
Paper grammage: min. 30 up to 800 GSM
Speed standard 450 mt/min or 600 mt/min on demand – unloading device for recutted rolls.
On demand: loading device for mother roll, automatic brake control for constant tension of material by electronic load cells. Shaftless unwind unit with hydraulic lifting of roll from ground floor, automatic alignement of paper web side, meter counter, speed tachometer.

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