TTL - Manual and semiautomatic paper tube cutter

TTL: Paper cores tube cutter machine

Manual and semiautomatic paper tube cutter

Cardboard tube recutter for cores Model “TTL”


Minimum inside diameter of tube 50 mm. maximum 152 mm
Maximum thickness 20 mm.
Maximum length of mother tube 2000 mm up to 3000 mm on demand
Minimum recutted tube length mm.10 maximum 1600

The knife at the opposite side of the gear box is motorized and by a lever pushed manually cuts the tube without any dust as it is a knife without teeth (not saw cut ). To determinate the length of the recutted tube the operator must position the register; this operation is very easy because a scale metre is fitted over the target register . The operating cycle is : the operator inserts the mother tube over the cutting shaft , then pushes the tube against the register previously positioned and pushing down the lever with the knife and the 2 electric start buttons with both hands makes the cut. The recutted piece falls down and the operator may start a new cutting cycle.

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