TME - Manual and semiautomatic paper tube cutter

TME: Paper cores tube cutter machine

Manual and semiautomatic paper tube cutter

Cardboard tube’s recutter MOD. “TME”
This machine is used to cut cardboard tubes from minimum interna

l diametre 25 mm. to 160 mm. And up to 20 mm wall tickness.
The lenght of tubes to be cut no limit in lenght beiing open and cutting mandrel.
The maximum lenght of tube obtained is 700 or 1000 or 1300 mm in accordance with the model ordered.
The machine is provided by motor gear box that drives the mandrel of cut on which the operator introduces the tube to be cut.
The rotary knife is motorized for easy cut also of thick wall tubes.
The cut Is very quicly made and when the operator releases the button switch on the lever, everything stops.
The cuti s very clean and accurate in size without dust.
The machine is supplied by one cutting mandrel diametre 76 mm. (or different on demand) and one knife.
Each cutting operation you obtain one piece cut.
One cutting mandrel diameter 75 mm included.
Voltage 380/50 or different on demand.